Science on the Farm

Weekly hands on science class based on the care and keeping of goats and chickens, what they eat, their body parts, what can harm them and what we do to keep them safe. We spend time in the garden seasonally learning about plants and growing them for food. We also will talk about what is going on in nature around us.

Now enrolling for Spring 2021

NEW: We Are Adding a second Class Thursdays 12:30-2pm $65/m

Class this year will be on Thursdays from 2:30-4.FULL  Cost is $65 per month (sibling discount available) Enrollment is for the full Fall Semester. You can pay monthly or there is a discount if paying in full up front. We welcome kids ages 4 and up. We are also a vendor with Shasta View/New Day charter. Spring Semester Class starts in January and goes through May. Class space is limited so if you want to join us please message through the Science on the Farm Facebook page

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We are doing something a bit different this next year:)

I came across a great book called Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life by Julia Rothman






I am going to use this book- (not necessarily in order) but it will be the basis for most of what we are learning about. There is also a companion workbook





















It is optional but can be purchased here Keep in mind it is in digital format so it will need to be printed and bound or put in a binder.

This is a great option for those in charter schools needing samples or parents who want to follow up a bit more at home.

You do not need to purchase either book to participate

I will have a copy here that I will refer to during class and show pictures/diagrams if needed.