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Science on the Farm

Weekly hands on science class based on the care and keeping of goats and chickens, what they eat, their body parts, what can harm them and what we do to keep them safe. We spend time in the garden seasonally learning about plants and growing them for food. We also will talk about what is going on in nature around us.

Class is Thursdays from 2:30-4pm.

Fall Semester runs September through December (4 months). Cost is $250 per child.


Spring Semester runs January through May (5 months). Cost is $325 per child.  


Enrollment is for the entire Semester. Payment is non refundable but can be transferred to another student.  We welcome kids ages 4 and up. We are also a vendor with Shasta View, EIE, Phoenix and Whitmore charter schools. Charter School Students Click here for details. 


 Class space is limited so if you would like to join in please message through the Science on the Farm Facebook page or Contact me Here


Along with payment I also need these 2 forms signed and returned.

Click Here for Forms

Please send your child in PLAY clothes We are definitely going to have some messy fun and don’t want to worry about ruining good clothes! Please dress your kids for the weather if it is really hot send them in light colored airy clothes. We will be outside the entire time. Applying sunscreen or wearing a hat is recommended.
​Please always send a full waterbottle with your child. We do have a drinking water safe hose for refills as needed.
Just a reminder if your child is sick please do not attend class. We will be starting and ending class with a time for washing hands as well as having hand sanitizer available as needed. needed just ask.
​We always start class in the driveway and get everyone signed in then go back together as a group. Parents if you are planning to stay a good place to park is on the side street of Midview (we are on the corner) this street has much less traffic. The only bathroom available is inside our home so please try to go before you come. However it t will be available if needed.

A few things to talk with your child about before camp begins – Of course talk about how much fun its going to be, all the animals they will get to play with and care for, the friends they will make, the games they will play, the garden they will learn about. Also tell them we need to be kind, gentle and calm around animals. We NEVER chase animals it scares them, even though it might seem fun for us. Let them know I will teach them how to behave around the animals. I am excited to see you all this year!

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