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Available Goats

UPDATE 5-09-24 All kids sold out for this year- We are however selling our amazing Soaring Hearts Buck Lyle- Details here - Contact me if interested. Please contact me to be added to our interest list of you are looking for something in particular.  Also keep a watch on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. More pictures and information available upon request. Bucklings/Weathers will be ready to go at 8 weeks. Doelings between 8-10 weeks. We will also have a few Does in Milk available.  Our Goats are dam raised but handled regularly so they are friendly. We do yearly health testing for Q- Fever, CAE, CL,  and Joannes  All our goats are registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) . All our goats are polled or disbudded. Deposit is non- refundable and is half down. Facetime/Zoom calls available for serious inquiries. 


2-2-24 Stella and Romeo 5th Gen Kids
Buckling 1(Black and white with Moonspots) SOLD , Buckling 2 (Black with white crown and white tipped Wattles)SOLD, Buckling 3(Black with White on side, white leg and head blaze) ALL SOLD All $500 as Bucklings $150 as Wethers.




















2-6-24 Aurora and Romeo
Buckling 5 as Buckling $400, As a Wether $150 SOLD






2-11-24 Butter and Romeo 4th Gen Kids

Doeling 6 SOLD  (Black/white/gray moonspotted),

Doeling 7  $500 (Black with Brown Moonspot) SOLD












2-12-24 Juliet* and Romeo 6th Gen kids
Buckling 8- Bezoar with moonspots $600, SOLD

Buckling 9  "Leopard print Moonspots" $600 SOLD













Marble and Castle Rock Sine Wave  2-18-24 1st Gen Kids

Castle Rock Sine Wave *B

ADGA  Registered

Gold with white Buck

DOB: 3/15/16 


         GRSire: CH Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott

Sire: Caprine Acres HS Cooper ++B

         GRDam: CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina


           GRSire: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir ++*B +S

 Dam: Castle Rock Tsunamie 3*M

           GRDam: GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M

Buckling 10 (Gold with moonspots, blue eyes, polled $250 as a Buckling $150 as a Wether), Buckling 11(Gold, blue eyes Polled $200 as a buckling $150 as Wether) BOTH SOLD












Daisy and Romeo 2-25-24 3rd Gen Kids

Buckling 12 (Gold variations) $150 as a wether SOLD

Buckling 13(Gold with white belly band and front hoof) $150 as a wether SOLD


















Lilac and Lyle  2-25-24  3rd Gen kids

Doeling 14, (Black and Tan with white poll) Retaining

Doeling 15 (Black with frosting and white ears white belly spot) The red is just a dye from the umbilical cord spray. $500 SOLD



Rose and Lyle  3-3-24 3rd Gen Kids

Buckling 16 Black with moonspots SOLD 

Buckling 17 Gold with white ears $400 as Buckling $150 as Wether SOLD
















Diva and Romeo 3-9-24 6th Gen Kids.

Buckling 18( Black with frosting, white ears and white belly band POLLED)$500 as Buckling $150 as Wether, Possible Bottle Baby SOLD

Buckling 19 $500 as Buckling $150 as Wether (Black and Tan with frosting, white belly spots and random moonspots) SOLD

Doeling 20 (Black with white hoof POLLED), $500 SOLD

Doeling 21Black with Tan $500 SOLD






























Tulip and Lyle 3-10-24 3rd Gen kids

Buckling 22 Light Buckskin with white poll and frosted ears $400 as Buckling $150 as Wether, Possible Bottle Baby SOLD

Buckling 23 Bezoar with Moonspots frosted ears and random white and white poll $400 as Buckling $150 as Wether,Possible Bottle Baby SOLD

Mylee and Lyle Due 5-4-24 3rd Gen Kids

Sweet Pea and Lyle Due 5-29-24 3rd Gen Kids

Sweet Pea is for sale Bred- $600 SOLD

Does in Milk are available after kids are 8 weeks. Click the name for more info:


Stella $400 Great milk production typically 1/2 gallon with just morning milking. She typically has quads. SOLD

 Daisy  $400-  Available to leave once kids are 8 weeks. Super sweet goat.























Some previous years kids below:

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