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Frog Farms Registered Mini Nubian 


We have a small herd here of Miniature Nubian Goats. They were originally a cross between a Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. These wonderful goats are a bit smaller, super cute and great milk producers. Our goats are registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) We do yearly health testing for CL, CAE and Joannes disease. Also Brucellosis and Q- fever on our milking does. All our goats are either polled or disbudded. 

Thundering Hooves Peregrine Falcon " Perry"
Gen 3

Born 3-11-23 Bezoar with heavy moonspots and blue eyes.
Mini Love Farm Obsidian Wan "Obi" Gen 5
Born 5-2-23

Sire: Goat Trails BH Stars over Texas *B Gen 

Dam: Soaring Hearts Pink Cashmere 3*P


Soaring Hearts Carlisle "Lyle" *B Gen 2

FOR SALE- Message for details

DOB 1-21-21

Sire: Soaring Hearts Marvin Gaye *B

Dam: Soaring Hearts Esmee *P

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