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Goatkeeping 101 


Our next class will be Saturday March 23rd from 9-11am If you are interested in attending please send me a message using the button below. 



This class is geared for adults and older teens.

Growing up with goats, and now having them myself, I have learned the hard way sometimes about the importance of knowing the basics of goat keeping and care. I am excited to share some basic Goatkeeping knowledge  with you. Topics covered include: Grazers vs Browsers, Bucks/Does/Wethers, Shelter and fencing, feeding, vaccines, Horns, Hooves, Minerals, VCPR, Health Testing, deworming, kidding, milking LGD's and more...Hands on demonstrations include: Milking, Hoof Trimming, Giving Injections and more. I will be sharing my personal experiences and recommendations.

Bring your goat questions along as well to ask. 

Cost is $55 per person 

Spots are limited. Class will be held at our little farm in Palo Cedro.

Call or text to signup today



"Very informative class. Absolutely would recommend this to anyone new to goats or wanting to brush up. I came away with very practical knowledge applicable to our area. I’m more confident knowing what I need to start caring for goats and how to prevent situations that can arise."

J. Penner


"We are thankful for the class that Lorene offered. The knowledge she shared with us through her experience was much appreciated. There was a lot we did not know. We feel better prepared to buy goats, know how to take care for them, and even what to keep watch for in making sure our goats live a happy healthy life. I highly recommend this class if you are looking to purchase goats or even if you own goats but feel you need more information on how to properly care for them."

B. and R. Day














"As a complete beginner with no goats currently the class was super informative and I left feeling like I learned a ton and love goats even more it was helpful to see healthy happy goats and where they live, and of course got to pet cute goats thanks Lorene!"

P. Heathorn

"I attended the goat class and it was amazing! Lorene is very knowledgeable and kind. We discussed general goat information, the process of kidding and common goat problems. All of my goat questions were answered. We were also provided with take home information, which was helpful to have to remember it all on the spot. After this class I felt more ready and confident to own goats. Lorene’s goats are super cute and friendly which also added to the experience. I would recommend her class to all ranges of people, those who already own goats, new owners and those considering getting them."

A. Conner


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