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Frog Farms Registered Mini Nubian 


We have a small herd here of Miniature Nubian Goats. They were originally a cross between a Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. These wonderful goats are a bit smaller, super cute and great milk producers. Our goats are registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) We do yearly health testing for CL, CAE and Joannes and Q- fever.  All our goats are either polled or disbudded. 

Frog Farms Stella Gen 4

Born 2-23-21

Dam:Willow Blue Farm Lady Cassiopia

Sire: Willow Blue Farm Butte Madrone


Thundering Hooves
Juliet *P Gen 5

DOB 03-16-21

Sire: Green Gables AC Nelson *B

Dam: Blackberry's Juniper Berry


Thundering Hooves Lilac Gen 3
DOB 3-07-21
Sire Soaring hearts Michael Bennett
Dam: Thundering Hooves Chantilly Lace

Frog Farm Aurora Gen 5
DOB 2-18-22 
Dam: Frog Farm Stella
Sire: Thundering Hooves Moose
Willoughby Croft She's a Diva Gen 6
DOB 2/18/21
Sire: w4's Small Fortune's Milky Way *B
Dam: Daystars Queen Candace


Thundering Hooves Tulip Gen4

DOB 03-13-21

SIRE: Green Gables AC Nelson *B

DAM: Thundering Hooves Silver Lace


Pilchuck Pointe Marble Gen 5

Polled and Blue eyes

DOB 03-02-2022

Sire: Mini Love Farm Elijah Blue

Dam:Soaring Hearts Mustang Sally


Inavale SW Buttercream
Frosting Gen 3

DOB 05-30-21

Sire: Goaty Pants Orbit

Dam: Inavale Tinsel


Frog Farm Rose Gen 3

DOB 04-03-22

Sire: Cornerstone Farm Romeo

Dam: Frog Farm Daisy


FrogFarm Daisy Gen 2

DOB 2-20-21

Sire: Willow Blue Farm Butte Madrone

Dam: Frog Farm Sugars Easter Lily*P


Moorheart's Mylee Gen 2


Sire: Blackberry's BQ Lunar Eclipse *B

Dam: Blackberry's Bob's Midge *P


Frog Farm Sweet Pea Gen 3

DOB -3-29-23

Sire: Cornerstone Farm Romeo

Dam: Frog Farm Daisy

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