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Charter School Students. We are currently signed up as a vendor with Shasta View ,EIE, Whitmore and Phoenix Charter schools. Please note- enrollment is a commitment for the FULL semester.

To enroll we will need to sign your vendor form from the school first. This can be brought by in person by appointment or you can scan or take a picture and email it to 

 We also need the 2 forms here 


IMPORTANT-For Phoenix and Shasta View- payments work a bit differently as they will not pay up front so we bill a monthly fee of $65. ($16.25 per class) They will only pay for the classes the student attends. The spot in class is still held for the child for the semester even if missed so we require an up front deposit from charter school families of $65 per child. This deposit will go towards missed classes. We allow for one missed class each semester not charged as life happens. If I cancel class due to weather etc there is no charge. If the student does not miss more then one class for the semester the $65 will be refunded. If the student missed more then one class the $16.25 per class will be taken out of the deposit and the remainder refunded after the semester. If the student stops attending before the end of the semester, deposit will not be refunded. The deposit can be made by paypal, venmo or by cash/check.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 



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